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Welcome to The Next Generation

We are an award-winning political consulting and issue advocacy firm, specializing in progressive and environmental candidates and causes in the Bay Area and across California.

Campaign Consulting

Whether you are a candidate for elected office or you are running a ballot measure campaign, TNG will work with you to identify your political objectives and help chart a course to victory at the ballot box. TNG has a strong history of electing progressive candidates and passing progressive ballot measures at the local, regional, and state level.

Find out how TNG can help you win by tailoring a political strategy to your unique goals and formulating and implementing a persuasive, penetrating campaign message.

Environmental Advocacy

TNG has built a reputation as one of the region’s most effective environmental advocates because we understand how to make real change at the state, regional, and local level. We have successfully teamed with a wide range of environmental groups because we share their goals, speak their language, and have earned their trust.

Find out how TNG can work with you to advance your issue, whether short- or long-term, by developing, managing, and implementing a sound political and communications strategy.

Public Affairs

Often, the hardest work doesn’t end after Election Day — that’s when it begins. Whether you’re a public official or you represent a business, an agency, or an organization, you know that building a community of committed leaders gives you the best chance of effecting lasting change. TNG has decades of experience working to build political strength in a wide variety of contexts.

Find out how TNG can work with you to build relationships with constituents, grassroots activists, local opinion leaders, coalitions, and much more.