Public Affairs

Elected Officials

Most often in the world of politics, the working relationship between a candidate and their consulting firm plays out something like this: A) Decide to work together. B) Launch the campaign. C) Run a strong campaign and (hopefully) win. D) Say our heartfelt goodbyes and go our separate ways. E) Reconvene two or four years later to discuss the re-election campaign.

The problem with this scenario is that the hardest work doesn’t end when you get elected to office, it begins.

And, ultimately, while we are in the business of winning campaigns, we have found that the easiest way for an elected official to win re-election is to make sure they are a good elected official.

Whether you were just sworn in for the first time or have been in office for years or even decades, we will partner with you and support your work in government, so you can be a more efficient and more effective public official.

TNG's services for elected officials

We will:

  • Work with you to identify your public service objectives and then tailor a strategy to your unique goals and legislative and political circumstances
  • Develop a messaging strategy that will help you better define your strongest leadership qualities and communicate who you are, what you’ve accomplished, and what you hope to continue to accomplish, because even though you might not be running for re-election (or higher office) for a while, your constituents should know who you are and what you stand for
  • Help you raise ongoing campaign funds during non-election years via direct mail fundraising, email, and events
  • Keep your supporters informed and engaged, and help you broaden your support coalition, by reaching out to key community leaders, elected officials, and organizations that did not support you in your previous campaign(s), in order to establish a relationship with them and earn their trust
  • Update and maintain your website, transitioning it from a campaign site to a site for ongoing interaction with your constituents, stakeholders, and campaign contributors
  • Manage your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts, as well as any other social media platforms
  • Help you continue to build your email list of supporters
  • Conceptualize, draft, and send out regular email updates to your constituents and supporters
  • Generate earned media opportunities around your accomplishments as an elected official
  • Help you establish and hold an annual event that can be branded as your event, to keep your supporters engaged and raise funds


Your campaign’s endorsements and spokespeople are just as important as your issue itself. Too often, good policy proposals fail to win broad support because of a lack of a strong constituency or prominent endorsers. TNG will work with you to expand and diversify your network of supporters, and secure new constituencies to support your issue, thereby increasing your ability to communicate a winning message to a wider audience.

We specialize in uniting diverse interests behind a common cause. We have helped build broad support constituencies among environmental organizations, business groups, religious congregations and clergy, elected officials, labor unions, consumer advocates, public health organizations and others, for a variety of ballot measures and issues.

A successful campaign also depends on coalition members working well together while effectively utilizing their individual strengths. TNG will manage your campaign to maximize the benefits of your coalition, while minimizing any potential liabilities. We will ensure that coalition members have defined roles, a clear plan of action, good communication systems, and a fully functional organizational framework in place.

TNG's services for organizations

We will:

  • Strategically determine which groups or individuals you need on your side, and how best to enlist them, utilizing our expertise with the inner workings and decision making processes of key constituencies and groups
  • Formulate an effective message, tailored to your target group(s)
  • Build consensus around political and communications strategy
  • Manage your coalition and provide organizational infrastructure
  • Develop budgets, timelines, press strategy and fundraising plans
  • Produce compelling communications materials, like targeted direct mail, fact sheets, Q&A’s, e- mail newsletters, websites, action alerts, reports, updates, endorsement requests, and more
  • Organize meetings with key elected officials, public forums, presentations, briefings, and/or earned media events
  • Conduct pressure campaigns
  • Implement grassroots organizing and community outreach programs to build public support for your campaign or issue
  • Communicate the broad support for your cause in a way that will achieve maximum impact, such as city resolutions, sign-on letters, individual support letters sent to key constituencies, and phone calls to individuals and organizations that need to hear from you most